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Distribution Team:  One to two weeks doing a mixture of mass literature distribution and church ministry in France.  (Speaking French is not required.)

Field Accompaniment:  One to three weeks travelling with a Project Redemption missionary in order to provide security, accountability, insight, and practical help.  Since we are often engaged in surveying fields where established works do not exist, this kind of assistance is vital.  (Speaking French is not required.)

Summer Camp:  Volunteers age 16 and older can spend 1 to 3 months involved in Camp Ministry in France.  (Speaking French is not required.)

Medical Clinics:  Participate in a Medical Evangelism Project in West or Central Africa. (Speaking French can be VERY helpful but is not required.)

Apollos Ministry Team:  Study in a one-year Bible Institute program with serving on a travelling ministry team in France.  Use your spiritual gifts and talents to reach French people for Christ.  (If you do not speak French, you will learn to.)

Study in France:  Spend up to a year studying in France and serving the Lord in a local church.  This opportunity requires a fair amount of planning by the prospective student but we can offer guidance and contacts.  (You will most likley be required to learn French during your course of study.  Some courses may require some level of French competency up front.)