Project Redemption is the umbrella under which missionaries Mark and Anne Gostlin operate and partner with those who are interested in furthering the work of God in the French speaking world.  It is an extension of the Beacon International Baptist Mission.

Your gifts to sustain this work are greatly appreciated.  Contributions can be sent through Beacon International Baptist Mission and marked ‘Project Redemption’.

Beacon International Baptist Mission
PO Box 5907
Johnson City, Tennessee  37602-5907

Contact information:

Email for Mark Gostlin:

Email for Rachel Gostlin:

 Telephone:   from the US call (517) 798-6225;     from France call 06 38 04 86 73;     from outside of France and the US call;  001 517 798 6225

How to send personal correspondence:

If the goal is to send personal correspondence to Mark, Anne, or Rachel Gostlin, the best address to send it is provided below.  From there, it will be re-directed to our present location.  Please bear in mind that we may be in different parts of Europe, Africa, or North America at any given time.  Feel free to call or email us for our current location if you want to send something directly to us abroad.

Our Stateside address is 45 SR 42, West Salem, Ohio  44287.