PROJECT REDEMPTION began in 2006 with a vision to advance the cause of evangelism, biblical discipleship, and leadership training in the French speaking world.

Adherence to biblical christianity in French speaking Europe (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Monaco) is alarmingly scant.  In these historically ‘Roman Catholic’ nations those who practice Islam outnumber evangelical christians  20 to 1.   Some well-known cults also have a significant presence.  As dire as this sounds, it hardly describes the whole picture.  Erroneous doctrine, ecumenical compromise, and the so-called ‘prosperity gospel’ are so pervasive in ‘evangelicalism’ that those who would hold to historic New Testament faith and practice are relatively few.

In West/Central Africa, where one can find more than a dozen countries in which French is predominantly spoken, a foundation for biblical faith was once laid, but wars, instability, cultural struggles, spiritual battles, and a recent epidemic of false doctrine GE DIGITAL CAMERAcoming from neighboring English speaking countries have done incalculable damage to the spiritual well-being of the people.  Other areas of French speaking West/Central Africa are almost exclusively given to the practice of Islam.

Aggravating this situation is a near vacuum of conservative, bible-based, missionaries – especially by comparison to English speaking African nations.  With few exceptions, most French speaking African countries have a mere handful of workers trying to stem the tide of error while encouraging an indigineous biblical church planting effort.

Project Redemption is addressing this stark reality in the following ways:

  • Entering remote or difficult-to-reach fields to do intensive preaching and teaching and to identify potential local leaders and workers.
  • Training evangelists, pastors, and other christian workers in doctrine, evangelism, and church planting.
  • Coming along-side missionaries to provide assistance with projects such as mass literature distribution, evangelistic medical clinics, and leadership development.
  • Recruiting long-term and short-term workers for camps, clinics, and church ministries.
  • Translating, publishing, and disseminating sound, biblical written materials.

Project Redemption operates as an extension of Beacon International Baptist Mission under the coordination of Mark Gostlin and cooperates with like-minded individuals, churches, and organizations.   For contact information click here.